Bahmanyar lab News

January 2018: Lauren’s paper on lamin and dynein’s opposing roles during nuclear envelope repair is in press at MBoC! Check out her paper and the Yale News story on the work!

January 2018: Our proposal to lead a summer workshop through the Yale Pathways to Science Summer Scholars program was accepted! Mike, Lauren, Razvan and I will be co-teaching  local high school students about the tools and advantages C. elegans offers to answer fundamental questions about life.   A BIG thanks to Curtis who is helping design the module from his experience teaching in MCDB221L with Professor Moreno!

December 2017: Shirin gives a talk on our collaborative work with the Bewersdorf lab in the Microscopy Workshop at this year’s ASCB meeting.

October 2017: Welcome MS/BS student Razvan Azamfirei!

September 2017: Our collaborative paper with the Bewersdorf lab is now on biorxiv:

August 2017: Shirin gives talk at the Pleiotropic Nuclear Envelope meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, a great meeting sponsored by the Biochemical Society.

June 2017: Congratulations to Lauren who won a poster prize at the GSA 21st International C elegans conference in CA.  Both Mike and Lauren attended the meeting with great success.

May 2017: Check out our first preprint on bioRxiv 138693! Update Jan 2018: this paper is now in press!

January 2017: We welcome rotation students Nancy and Emma to the lab (MCGD/BBS program).

December 2016: Congratulations to Holly and Mike for passing their qualifying exam!

November 2016: Welcome to Alex and Andres, two new rotation students in the lab (MCGD/BBS program).

October 2016: We won Best Lab Costume at the MCDB Happy Hour Halloween Edition. Thanks to the Handelsman and Horsley labs for throwing an awesome Happy Hour.

October 2016: Shirin hosts Julie Canman from Columbia University at the MCDB Seminar Series. She gave a fantastic talk on PAR proteins and cytokinesis.

October 2016: Lauren wins a Poster Prize at MCDB Retreat. Congrats Lauren!

September 2016: Lauren presents a talk on her work at the ASCB sponsored local New England Nuclear Envelope meeting. Marshall was one of the co-organizers along with members of the Lusk, King, Carroll and Folker (Boston College) labs. Thanks also to MCDB/Yale for their support of the meeting.

June 2016: A (2nd) goodbye to Brian Wysolmerski who will be traveling the world this coming year!

June 2016: Welcome Spencer Munroe Yale College 2018

May 2016: Congratulations to Curtis on graduating from Yale College 2016! We’re very proud that Curtis was awarded the Senior Thesis Prize in the Sciences from Jonathan Edwards College on his work in the lab. We’re also very happy that he is coming back to the lab as a post-graduate researcher in the Fall.

March 2016: We are excited to welcome Holly Merta and Michael Mauro, two new BBS/MCGD graduate students, to the lab!

January 2016: Michael Martinez has taken a post-grad position at West Campus. We’re excited for him and his future research endeavors!

September 2015: Welcome back to Brian Wysolmerski who completed his Masters Degree in Julie Ahringer’s lab at Cambridge University and is spending a year back in our lab as a Post-Graduate Researcher.

July 2015: Welcome rotation student Jonathan Marquez (MD/PhD Program).

June 2015: Shirin goes to Woods Hole MA to take part in the Physiology Course with Joe Howard and colleagues.

May 2015: A BIG congratulations to Sophie Miller (Yale College, Class of 2015) for being awarded the MCDB Major Undergraduate Research Prize (Edgar J. Boell Prize) for her work in the lab.

April 2015: Marshall Deline from Jenny Watts’ lab at WSU will be funded by the Anderson Post-Doctoral Associate Fellowship starting in July. Curtis Broberg Yale College ‘16 received the Yale College Dean’s Summer Research Fellowship to fund his research this summer. Welcome Marshall and Curtis!

March 2015: Lauren Penfield joins the lab as the first graduate student.

January 2015: Ringing in the New Year with Michael Martinez (post graduate researcher) and Amanda Vines (rotation student). Welcome!

September 2014: Brian Wysolmerski takes off to Cambridge and Amelia Trant starts as an undergraduate in the lab. Welcome Amelia!

July 2014: Bahmanyar lab is officially open!

June 2014: Welcome post-grad Brian Wysolmerski

April 2014: Sophie Miller received the Yale College Dean Research Fellowship and Richter Summer Fellowship to fund her research this summer. Great job

April 2014: Bahmanyar lab is growing - welcome to Suyuna Ren and Sophie Miller!

March 2014: Check out Bahmanyar lab updates through twitter and tweet at us. @Bahmanyarlab

January 2014: Bahmanyar lab website is up! Contact us if you are interested in getting to know more about the lab.